A hidden society, has guarded Leonardo Da Vinci’s studio for generations, protecting the map that reveals the hidden location of his never before seen inventions. That was until dark powers murdered the Guardians and forced their way into the studio.

They, however, did not manage to find the map. Can you solve the tests set down by the Guardians, prove yourself worthy and protect Da Vinci's secrets before evil returns?


(Difficulty: 4.5/5,  Time: 60 minutes,  Recommended players: 3 to 6)


You have realised that your whole life and purpose as elite Section 9 agents has been a lie. To uncover your true identities and Section 9's darkest secrets you have evaded all security to Section 9's top secret underground facility. There lay the answers you seek. However.. Section 9 agents are searching for you. It is only a matter of time. This is your last chance. 

Can you expose the lies and escape with your lives?


(Difficulty: 5/5,  Time: 60 minutes,  Recommended players: 3 to 6)